596 Signal Company



On 6 Aug 1951 the 39th Signal Battalion was activated and assigned the 595th and 596th Signal Support Companies, themselves just activated.   Also part of the Bn was the 176 Sig. Co. (Repair) and the 545th Sig Co (Depot).

The contributions below came from Addison Gobble, the first Exutive Officer of the 596th on its activation in 1951.

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The Supporter volume 1 number 1
The 596th 4 page newsletter

2LT Addison Goble 1951
The first Executive Officer

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The Supporter  Page 2

596 Mess Hall on the left.
On right is the Orderly Room, Day & Supply Rooms

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The Supporter  Page 3
(Page 4 is missing)

Company Street
596th on the right and 595th on the left.
The vehicles are 595th Signal Support Company

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595th Thanks giving Menu  November 1951

Here is what is not done these days

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The Food

The Chef & his staff

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The brilliance of mid century signalmen
is displayed in this newspaper article.



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