596 Signal Company

3rd Platoon
LEN 78
"Keep It Tight"



Platoon Leader

Platoon Sergeant

2LT Derek Young

SFC Anthony Troxel


Switch Section Transmission Section

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L-R= 2LT Wolfe, SSG(P) Hands, PFC Avelar, 
SFC D'Andrea, PFC Smith, SGT Jarr, SGT Miller
Kneeling= SPC Anderson, SPC Mulholland
Standing with rifles= PFC Shaw, PFC Govens
L-R= PFC Wennersten, SPC Williams, PV2 Valles,
PFC Hendricks, SGT Rogers
stone-cold-with-sfc-d-and-s.jpg (46954 bytes) Received 031104

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SSG Cox & SFC D'Andrea with WWE Stone Cold
Dec 2003
1LT Walsh with Dan Rather - 030704
Others= Unknown LTC, SPC Meissner, MAJ Gercken, BG Dempsey
Famous again!  LEN members show up in Easyriders Magazine!
EasyRider-2.jpg (534589 bytes) EasyRider-3.jpg (470061 bytes) Easy-Rider-Pic.jpg (544051 bytes)
Feb 2004 issue of Easyriders Page 76 with our heroes Big D, SPC Mulholland, SGT Jarr
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Head of the class

Passing candy

Media coverage
Mr Russell D'Andrea Retirement Pictures
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Received 30 September 2004
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Former Platoon Leaders & Sergeants

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1LT Michelle A Walsh

1LT Heather Mace (now CPT)

1LT Michael J Wolfe

SFC Russell D'Andrea

Dec 2001 - Aug 2002

Oct 2000 - Aug 2001

Feb 2003     

Feb 2001 - Sept 2004



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