596 Signal Company

4th Platoon
Headquarters Platoon
"One Team, One Fight"


Platoon Leader

Platoon Sergeant


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SYSCON Section Leaving Ft Riley
From Left to Right are:  Spc Etris, Spc Jones, SGT Burger (he made his E-5 here in Iraq), SGT White, SGT Tello, SSG Arias, the two kneeling are:  Spc Miller, and Spc Lugo.

SYSCON 2 take 1 - Baghdad 01-04 - Left to Right
SFC Reinhardt, SPC Etris, SGT Tello,
Sgt Burger, SGT White, SSG Arias


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SGT-Tello-cleaning-weapon-a.jpg (204991 bytes) E-SYSCON-cleaning-weapon.jpg (143624 bytes)
SFC Reinhardt cleaning weapon SGT Tello cleaning weapon after range E-SYSCON cleaning weapon
E-Money-taking-a-chill-pill.jpg (93305 bytes) SGT-White-cleaning-weapon.jpg (182130 bytes)
E-money taking a chill pill SGT White cleaning weapon
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SPC Shaw, PFC Keenan, ? Bell?,  SPC Nelson? Motor Pool Fun


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