596 Signal Company


Homecoming Pictures

Homecoming pictures from Pete Cox, 596 Viet Nam Vet, 12 April 2004
Here is part of the e-mail that accompanied the pics:

Pretty moving experience, and a contrast to what we RVN Vets received.
Arrived at the hangar at Marshall Field about 0445 Hrs and waited until 0500 Hrs for the doors to open.  Chairs and bleaches were set up around the walls and began filling up rather quickly.  During the wait, a slide show was played of the unit soldiers in various places in Iraq. This ceremony was for elements of the 1ST Bde of the 1ST AD of which the 596TH was a part.  Probably 1000 or so to welcome them. The soldiers were first taken to the unit area where they turned in weapons and were fed.  They arrived at the hangar around 0645 Hours to a noisy welcome and were formed up facing their families behind the unit colors.  The 596TH Commander and Guidon were on the right hand side of the pictures.  After brief welcoming remarks by the CG, soldiers were released to be greeted by their families.
When I returned from RVN, I left DaNang via commercial contract flight still in jungle fatigues.  We also had a lot of Marines on the flight.  These were dropped off in Okinawa to be replaced by Marines in clean uniforms.  This flight ended at Norton AFB, CA.  From there I caught a hop with the NY Air Guard in a C-97 and was dropped off at the end of the runway at the Syracuse NY commercial airport.  I then caught a flight to Hartford where I was met by my family, no less glad to see me than those on Monday at Riley.

Thanks Pete


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Car Waiting More Waiting Duffles
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Here They Come!! CO The Company Greetings
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Parade Rest Hurry Please!! Finally!! Mingling
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Joe & Jill More Bags    



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