596 Signal Company


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Rubin Rogers - 10/25/00 22:52:16
My Email:rroger33@bellsouth.net
Home Town: LaFollette Tenn
Dates with 596: Nov 69 Nov70
MOS / Duties: 63B40 Motor Sgt
Platoon: Hq
Battalion: 63rd Sig Bn
Location: Phu Bai
I was in the 596th on my second tour,we had sites in camp Eagle and also Fire Base Bermingham. It is so good to be apart of the history of a great unit
SGT Zach Babayco - 10/17/00 02:29:10
My Email:zbabayco@oz-online.net
Home Town: Sacramento, CA
Dates with 596: March 1998 - who knows!
MOS / Duties: 31U Commo Shop Sup.
Platoon: HQ - Rock Solid!
Battalion: 125th FSB
Location: Fort Riley, KS
Like the site!
travis mckenzie - 10/08/00 01:14:03
My Email:spudsnks@yahoo.com
Home Town: rustburg, va
Dates with 596: 04MAR99-present
MOS / Duties: 31f
Platoon: nc77
Battalion: 125 fsb
Location: fort riley, ks
1LT Chris Spriegel - 10/05/00 22:37:13
My URL:http://www.riley.army.mil/
My Email:spriegel@flinthills.com
Home Town: West Seneca, NY
Dates with 596: November 99 - Present
MOS / Duties: 25A/Executive Officer
Platoon: Headquarters
Battalion: 125th FSB
Location: Fort Riley, Kansas
Great job on the web site! Lots of history within the unit, it is great that veterans like yourself dedicate your time to writing it all down! Keep it up!
Bill Comrey - 10/04/00 00:50:07
My Email:PleikuNamVet@aol.com
Home Town: Harrisburg, PA
MOS / Duties: 76T20
Battalion: 43rd Signal Battalion
Location: Pleiku & Nha Trang
Men of the 596th, your website is looking good. I was with the 43rd Signal on Tropo Hill, Pleiku for the last 4 months of 1968, and with the 21st Signal Aviation Detachment at Nha Trang Airbase from Jan to Aug 1969. I was a SP5 Aviation Tech Supply guy. A few Vets of the 21st Aviation are working on a website, therefore, we're looking for 21st Signal troops to fill our Roster. If any of you 596th guys flew in the II Corp area on a Signal Corps Huey/plane, we hauled ya. Best regards... Bill
Marlin Stoebner - 10/03/00 21:51:26
My URL:http://members.dencity.com/hill754/index.html
My Email:mstoebner@hotmail.com
Home Town: Kansas City, Missouri
Dates with 596: Dec. '95 - Jul. '96
MOS / Duties: 31R
Location: Ft. Riley, KS
"happiness is ft riley in your rearview mirror!
SSG Huntley - 09/18/00 14:39:10
My Email:huntdog@flinthills.com
Home Town: Womelsdorf PA.
Dates with 596: Feb 98-Sept 2000
MOS / Duties: 31R30 / Syscon
Platoon: Headquarters
Battalion: 125th Forward Support BN
Location: Fort Riley, KS. 66442
Great Web site! I didn't know we were bastard's back then. Some things never change!
SFC Richard Thomas - 09/14/00 18:20:45
My Email:unclet7@earthlink.net
Home Town: Greenville S.C.
Dates with 596: Dec 96-Sep 00
MOS / Duties: 31W40 S-3/ SYSCON
Platoon: HQ
Battalion: 125th FSB
Location: Ft Riley
Cpt Cannaday told me of your visit. I am finalizing the official web site for the |Ft Riley intranet am an trying to get permission to publish it to the www. I will be PCSing to your neighborhood next week(Ft Huachuca) Great job on the site.
Robert Cannaday - 09/13/00 23:12:39
My Email:cannadayr@juno.com
Home Town: Manhattan, KS
Dates with 596: 5 May 1999 to Present
MOS / Duties: 25C, Commander
Battalion: 125th Forward Support Battalion
Location: Fort Riley, KS
Mr. Osbeck, Sorry I missed you when you stopped by. Love your site. I can send you some photos from our recent visit to the National Training Center for your site. We will mail your t-shirt as soon as we can (anticipate about a month). Have a great day. CPT Rob Cannaday "Bark of the Bulldog"
Pete Altieri - 08/03/00 02:33:31
My Email:paltieri@takedapharm.com
Home Town: Washington, D.C.
Dates with 596: 7-96 thru 7-98
MOS / Duties: XO
Platoon: Len, dammit! and HQ
Battalion: the damn 125th FSB
Location: Ft. Riley
All emails from the members of the 596th are welcome! Hope the motorpool guys are doing well. BRING IT ON!
Lewis D. Whaley - 04/18/00 13:33:18
My URL:http://home.att.net/~ldwhaley
My Email:ldwhaley@worldnet.att.net
Home Town: Jonesborough, TN
Dates with 596: 11/61 - 6/64
MOS / Duties: 293 VHF/CXR Operator
Platoon: Carrier
Battalion: 97th Signal Battalion
Location: Kaiserslautern, Germany
Your web site is looking great John!