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The 596th Signal Company undoubtedly underwent some reorganization over the years due to changing missions and technologies.  I can only state here how the unit was organized while I was part of it with some input from a few other former members of the unit.  It was moved around a lot being  attached to various battalions and other administrative units which is why we called it a bastard unit.  I have attempted to identify most of them but am not sure of some of the dates.  The following is what I have been able to gather so far.



We Get Around

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I know nothing of the organization or assignments of the 596 Joint Assault Signal Company when it was activated in 1945.  I have found one person who was in the unit at that time and you can read his account on the JASCO page.




On activation in Camp Gordon, Georgia, in the 3rd Army area, on 6 August 1951 the 596th Signal Company (Support) consisted of 5 platoons:  Headquarters, Wire, Radio, VHF/CXR and Carrier.  The 596th was attached to the 39th Signal Battalion which was activated at the same time and place.


  In September 1952 the 39th Sig. Bn. including the 596th Sig. Co. (Spt) were sent to Germany in the 7th Army area where they were attached to the 301st Signal Group.  They were domiciled at Panzer Kaserne near Boebinglen which is not far from Stuttgart.


  Approximately October 1957 the 596th was returned to the states and assigned to Fort Benning, Georgia.  It was attached to the US Army Infantry Center Troop Command (USAICTC) for administrative purposes but fell under 3rd Army.


In October of 1961 the 596th again went to 7th Army in Germany where it was assigned to the 97th Signal Battalion  headquartered in Kaiserslautern.  Part of Radio Platoon was attached to D Company in Panzer Kaserne near Boeblingen.  This section was known as Hotel Net.



In September 1963 the 596th returned to the U. S. and took up residence at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.  It was assigned to the 509th Signal Battalion which itself was just activated in March.  It maintained the same organization and drew new factory fresh vehicles and a mix of Communications equipment.




In the late summer of 1964 the 509th Signal Battalion and the 596th Signal Company moved to Fort Huachuca, Arizona in the 6th Army area.  This move was due to Fort Chaffee being closed by Defense Secretary McNamara.
By this time the company had been reorganized into a Headquarters Platoon, a HF Radio Platoon and 3 Signal Center Platoons each containing a Radio Relay and Carrier Section, a Teletype (Comm Center) Section and a Wire Operations Section.





Sometime in 1965 the 6th Army was inactivated and the area taken over by the 5th Army.  In 1967 the 1st Signal Group assumed control of the 596th Signal Company.  I don't know what happened to the 509th Bn.  The platoons were reorganized into 3 Signal Centers platoons and the Radio and Headquarters platoons.




In March of 1968 the 596th was assigned to the 63rd Signal Battalion, 1st Signal Brigade at Phu Bai, Republic of Viet Nam.
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In April 1972 the 596th Signal Company (Support) was inactivated in Viet Nam.


On 15 December 1995 the 596th Signal Company was activated and assigned to the 125th Forward Support Battalion in support of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Armored Division at Fort Riley, Kansas.             To my knowledge this is the first time that the unit has been assigned to a division.  The unit contains 4 platoons:  1st Platoon (NC 76), 2nd Platoon (NC 77), 3rd Platoon (LEN 78) and 4th Platoon (Headquarters).




In May 2003 the 596th Signal Company was sent to Iraq with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team as part of the Global War on Terrorism where it was again under 3rd Army.

On 12 April 2004 596th and the rest of the 3rd Brigade returned to
Fort Riley, KS

In February 2005 the 596th Signal Company redeployed to Iraq for a second tour

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