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CPT  Alexcie A Herbert

1SG Randy C  Barrier


  Fort Riley    IRAQ

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On 15 December 1995 the 596th Signal Company was activated and assigned to the 125th Forward Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division at Fort Riley Kansas.  The 596th Signal Company is a Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) company.  MSE is a digital telecommunications system,  which provides voice and data communications.

Mission:  The mission of the Area Signal Company is to install, operate, and maintain a portion of the division Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) communications system.  The MSE Companies are the primary units to which Signal Corps officers are assigned.  The MSE communication system is designed to provide the user with secure wire and  mobile telephone service, secure facsimile communications, a secure packet data transmission media, and combat net radio interface.  It provides area coverage utilizing a network of line of sight (LOS) multi-channel radios tied to switching assemblages that are positioned throughout the length and breadth of the battlefield.

Major Equipment AN/TTC-47, 2-Radio Access Units, AN/TRC-191, 2-Switching Group AN/TTC-47, 2-MSRT, 2-DAGR, 2-TA-1042, 2-GRC-229, 2-Fax, 2-VRC-89D. This unit is capable of transporting 80,500 pounds of equipment with organic vehicles. 

Structure:   The Node Center is the backbone of the MSE network.  The Node Center consists of the Node Management Facility, Switching Shelter, and  Operations Group. The Node Center is usually located at or near a point of high elevation.  It provides the division with connectivity and switching capability. The Node Center can accommodate 24 local wire subscribers and can interface with a variety of communications equipment including GMF satellite, tropospheric scattering, and echelon above corps assemblages.

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