596 Signal Company

"Get It Done"

       125th Forward Support Battalion   -  3rd Brigade Combat Team   -  1st Armored Division

Fort Riley Kansas

31 October2006 Deactivation Information

      1LT D R Young

        1SG Banks

Welcome to the unofficial web site for veterans of 

the 596th Signal Company, 

the 596th Signal Company (Support) and

the 596th Joint Assault Signal Company



"Congress can make anyone a General

but only communications can make them a commander"

General Omar N Bradley


The burning question of the ages:

Why is it that a Lieutenant General outranks a Major General

13 Jan 04 - If there is anyone who knew SFC Squarrell in Viet Nam please
contact me.  His granddaughter would like more information about him.

 Then & Now 596 Returns Home 12 April 2004
Thanks Pete Cox
More Pictures

The purpose of this site is to gather as much of the history of this "Bastard Unit" as possible.

It may also serve to bring together some old friends who may have served with each other in the past and bring up some memories both good and bad.

This is an ongoing project for me in my retirement.  Contributions of photos, stories and historical information will be greatly appreciated.  Also, corrections to the information I have so far gathered is encouraged.  I would like to have the names of the company commanders and first sergeants and their dates with the 596th as well as some  pictures if at all possible.  I could also use some help with the deployments and missions.


I visited the 596th on my back from New York in the summer of 2000.  Unfortunately I caught them at a very busy time and was not able to spend much time there.  In the few hours I had with them I felt welcome and I was treated very well by some fine soldiers.

I will leave the old site up at the free hosting service with a link to here.  I paid for 1 year of basic hosting to see how this works out.  I also paid for the domain name "596signalcompany.us" for 5 years.

Come in and look around.  Let me know what you think and help me out with updates and corrections if you can.

The Page background is the print for the 596 Signal Company created my Cheryl Roberts.
Look here.

Background sound:  "Welcome to the 596 Signal Company" in Morse at 13 wpm



John Osbeck, Radio Operator, 051  (now 31C),
596 Signal Company (Support) 1962 - 1965

I can be reached by e-mail by clicking on my old "Angry 19" radio

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And here is a plug for my brother, Ed  (121st Assault Helicopter Company "Vikings & Tigers" - Viet Nam 1968 - door gunner)


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