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Continuing the battle begun by the citizen heroes of United Flight 93 on 091101   LET'S ROLL!

The 596 Signal Company is in the Baghdad area with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team and the rest of the 1st Armored Division.  They arrived at Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait around early May 2003.  They received their vehicles on 8 May at the port in Kuwait City and, some days later, moved up to Baghdad Airport to replace elements of the 3rd Infantry Division.   They are scheduled to be rotated home in February 2004 though that is tentative.

The photos below had no subject or dates other than being of the 125th and 596th.  I stole them from the Fort Riley website.

125th Forward Support Battalion
in Kuwait or Iraq

Booo!!.......President's sneaky Thanksgiving trip to Iraq
27 hours in the air for a 2 hour visit.  I will try to steal more pics soon

596th Signal Company in Kuwait or Iraq


I received this by e-mail on Tue. 012004


Well, it finally happened, but not just once today, it happened twice!!

We were out on a recon of the next site we're supposed to be going to this week called Camp Falcon. This new site is just south of the airport where we were up to two weeks ago. On the way to this site, we came upon some M.P.'s blocking the road in both directions. They said they had just found an Improvised Explosive Device, IED, up ahead. Just a few minutes after he said this, EOD detonated the device in place. The sound of the explosion along with the size of the crater it left once all the debris hit the ground says that this one could have seriously caused some damage. We were then cleared to proceed on. 
Once we finished up our site recon and briefing from the Divarty Sigo, we headed back to the college.  On the way, we stopped by the Brigade Support Area, BSA, and then continued on to the college.  Along the way, a few of us noticed a fuel can on the side of the road with wires attached to what looked like a battery sitting beside it. We were in the middle lane and traveling at about 45-50 mph.  Much too fast for any real damage to us but there were quite a few Iraqi nationals around this area.  I believe we were very lucky today.  Upon our return to the college, the S-2 came over the radio to announce that the road we were just on was closed down.........................due to positive I.D. of that IED.   Just sharing.

                                                                                                      Keep us in your prayers,
Our primary mission is to provide "reach-back" communications to the rear as well as to garrison units. We're currently here at the newly renamed Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) providing comms for the 1st A.D. main site where all the top brass stay.      The attacks you hear and read about in the news are very real. The diehard Saddam loyalists and foreign fighters just want to create chaos and try to get the U.S. to back out and leave like they did in Beirut and Somalia.  We're in this one for the long haul.  Most of today's soldiers know this and are committed to this mission.

Satellite photo of the Baghdad area


Pictures From The Front

Here are some more pictures and comments sent to us by SFC Russell D'Andrea.
They show some of the sights on the way to and in & around Baghdad Airport.
More should be coming soon.  Click on an image to enlarge it.  Thanks a bunch SFC D!

Baghdad-Sign.jpg (20729 bytes) Camels.jpg (17566 bytes) Can't-hide!.jpg (42852 bytes)
Baghdad Sign Camels You Can't Hide
SFC-D--Sign.jpg (45210 bytes) Group--Saddam.jpg (31404 bytes) Tank--BLDG.jpg (23291 bytes)
SFC D with Sign L-R= SFC D'Andrea,  CPL Evans,
Saddam Hussein,
PFC Wennersten,  PFC Hendricks
Road Kill
U.N.-BLDG-Damage.jpg (32546 bytes) Blown-the-fuck-up.jpg (20928 bytes)
UN Building Damage Blown Up Bob Hope Dining Facility
(No thumbnail)
Bunker Search in Mosul.jpg (17099 bytes) Weapons-Cache.jpg (255567 bytes) Weapons-Cache--Aftermath.jpg (166143 bytes)
Bunker Search in Mosul Weapons Cache Weapons Cache Aftermath
One-of-ours!.jpg (77225 bytes) Monkey-Spank.jpg (49746 bytes)
One Of Ours!! Monkey Spank Mosque In Najaf
(No Thumbnail)
Iraqi-Airways.jpg (236441 bytes) iraq airlines flt 911.jpg (129445 bytes) Baker9-11.jpg (138430 bytes)
Iraq Airways Flight 911 Iraq Airlines Flight 911 Tribute from Iraq

New photos received 092603 from SFC D'Andrea of part of the platoon (LEN 78) personnel
and Recreation Tent (MWR) 

our-tent.jpg (110295 bytes) BIAP-MWR-Tent.jpg (228671 bytes) Craft's-Table.jpg (237301 bytes)
Our Tent MWR Tent
SPC Craft & PFC Hendricks
SPC Craft's Table
MWR-TV-Room.jpg (240695 bytes) MWR-Weight-Rm.jpg (235131 bytes) Valles-Pocket.jpg (235376 bytes)
MWR TV Room MWR Weight Room PV2 Valles shooting pool
Switch-Section.jpg (260302 bytes) Transmission-Section.jpg (86680 bytes) Locals--Switch.jpg (325891 bytes)
Switch Section
L-R= 2LT Wolfe, SSG(P) Hands, PFC Avelar, 
SFC D'Andrea, PFC Smith, SGT Jarr, SGT Miller
Kneeling= SPC Anderson, SPC Mulholland
Transmission Section
Standing with rifles= PFC Shaw, PFC Govens
L-R= PFC Wennersten, SPC Williams, PV2 Valles,
PFC Hendricks, SGT Rogers
Local Construction Crew
Soldiers L-R= SPC Mulholland, 2LT Wolfe,
SGT Jarr. Kneeling= SPC Anderson with 
Mr Mohamad, Site Supervisor.
shot.jpg (54880 bytes)
Air Conditioning -  No one hurt this time
Jessica Keenan
SSG Anderson 062503.jpg (55860 bytes)

Air Force SSG Anderson on 062503

view.jpg (39548 bytes)
Area of rocket attack
Jessica Keenan
CSM-Bush-Visit-2.jpg (183125 bytes) 1st Armored Division


<CSM Bush  &  BG Dempsey>

BG-Dempsey1.jpg (47112 bytes)
Visit of 1st AD CSM Bush to 596th
L to R = 2lt Wolfe, SGT Jarr, CSM Bush
SPC Alvarez, CPL Kenney, SPC Mulholland
Kneel = SGT Rogers, SFC D'Andrea
 BG Dempsey, 1st AD CDR,
with a local Sheik
The WWE in Iraq
The WWE show "Smack Down" was recently filmed at Baghdad International Airport on Camp Victory.
The show should air Christmas week or New Years week.  Thurs. or Sun. night.
farooq-and-rikishi.jpg (43750 bytes) stone-cold-with-sfc-d-and-s.jpg (46954 bytes) jon-cena-in-line.jpg (32728 bytes)
Farook & Rikishi doing autographs in our MWR building SSG Cox & SFC D'Andrea
sneaking into a shot with Stone Cold
Jon Cena taking grub at the Bob Hope Dining Facility
Robin--Sanchez.jpg (97295 bytes) Mike-Kurt-Myers--Shannon.jpg (96978 bytes)
Robin Williams With Gens. Myers & Sanchez  Dec 2003 NASCAR Mike Wallace, WWE  Kurt Angle, Gen. Myers & 
Model Shannon Tweed  Dec 2003

Here are 3 pictures of a captured MI 24 helicopter presently flying in Afghanistan.
Check out the very special paint job our guys did!
Thanks again to SFC "D"

eagle1.jpg (98083 bytes)

eagle2.jpg (107279 bytes)

eagle3.jpg (59001 bytes)

Eagle 1 Eagle 2 Eagle 3


Here is the chain of command:  596th Signal Company, 125th Forward Support Battalion (FSB), 3rd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 1st Armored Division (AD), V Corps, Coalition Joint Task Force 7 (CJTF7), 3rd Army, United States Central Command (CENTCOM), United States Army (quite a mouthful).

This map is current as of August 2003.


Here is a great article by CPT Warner that I blatantly stole from the 8 Feb 2004 edition of the Bulldog Support Newsletter




Hello and greetings from the 596th Signal Company to all our family and friends.  The month of February has been a relatively mild month with continued rainfall.  Temperatures continue to average in the low 60s during the day, and lows dropping into the mid 40s at night.

February has been and will be a busy month with intensive redeployment planning and preparations.  LEN 78 recently moved from the Baghdad International Airport to a new location south of Baghdad.  They are now supporting 1st  Armored Division Artillery and elements of the 82nd  Airborne Division.  According to LT Wolfe and SFC D, they are living large, with real beds and not having the CG at their doorstep everyday!!!!  1st  Platoon continues their fine support of the 3rd Brigade Operating Base, ensuring our Brigade remains the best in the Division.  The 2nd Platoon has completed their communications mission for the rotation and is now working around the clock, preparing for movement south in the near future. 

            Despite our busy schedules, our soldiers continue to enjoy themselves, finding unique methods of fun and relaxation.  We had a great Super Bowl bash, complete with all the usual snacks, and door prizes.  We were on the edge of our seats the entire game, especially during the halftime show!!! 

On February 1st  and 2nd , the Company participated in a Brigade football tournament, sponsored by the 125th  Forward Support Battalion.  596th  took home the Gold, defeating B Company, 125th  FSB, the 125th Support Operations Team, and then the 1-13th  Armor in the championship game.  Our guys played extremely well and definitely earned this championship.  On February 7th , the Company participated in the 125th  FSB basketball tournament.  Once again, 596th  showed their prowess, taking home the championship. Great job and outstanding effort by all of our soldiers!

We continue to superbly accomplish our mission, and continue to make the most of our current situation.  Currently, we are scheduled to move south to Kuwait around the middle of March, and fly back to the U.S. around mid-April.  Of course, keep in mind that things can change rapidly, and we must remain flexible to accomplish our combat operations.  On a very positive note, our Forward Operating Base has recently been overrun with 1st Cavalry Division patches, signifying the transfer of authority from 1st  Armored Division to 1st Cavalry Division.  The light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright now, and we will be home with you all very soon. 

  We can’t wait to come home and we miss everyone very much.

  CPT Warner   

“Charger 6”  



11.12.05 10:11

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